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We have now received recognition for all health priority areas, and is now a health promoting service.

We have now received recognition for all health priority areas, and is now a health promoting service.

Oct 28, 2015 - 3:31pm

Sports Program and Music Classes now at Paradise Kids!


At Paradise Kids Children’s Centre, we believe each child is unique and individual. We embrace each child as a curious, creative and a competent member of our community. We trust children to be the builders of their own learning by affirming their right to express their ideas and voices through a wide variety of experiences and materials. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, we believe children have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop. With comfortable and predictable care, children feel at ease with the opportunities provided to them to explore the world around them, and express themselves through developmentally appropriate play.

In conjunction with The Early Years Framework (EYLF) we encourage children to become involved by providing interest- based activities, which enable them to develop their capabilities, as well as build on their needs and challenge their strengths. We combine intentional teaching practises to scaffold and further extend each child’s learning moments, by providing positive guidance and encouragement to build high self–esteem and confidence.

As industry professionals, our responsibility is to continually create an environment which enriches and supports all learning and development opportunities. Within our centre we continuously self-assess our practices and procedures to acknowledge our strengths and ensure we are implementing the appropriate strategies to grow, improve and develop our service. We aim to achieve and promote professional and personal development, resulting in growth, knowledge, and a supportive learning environment.

We believe that health, nutrition and active play are an integral part of the early years, in setting the foundation for individual health and physical well-being. In assisting children to take a growing responsibility in, and by educator’s role modelling and reinforcing the formation of healthy eating habits, we believe it is important to provide nutritional food for children appropriate to their age and taking account of medical conditions and cultural preferences. We value and respect families as partners in the care and education of children. We aspire to create opportunities for feedback, suggestions and ideas to continuously improve our service, whilst building positive relationships with families, educators and guardians. In play and leisure programs, we aim to stimulate children’s health and development by providing a range of stimulating activities both indoor and outdoor. Active play is part of the daily program, and our focus is on creating, developing and building on gross motor and co-ordination skills, self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

We believe that building genuine relationships and partnerships with families, and endeavouring to include them in our program, assists and supports the children to achieve their developmental goals and milestones. This also introduces children to a variety of cultural backgrounds, religions, values, beliefs, abilities, family structures and gender equality, maintaining confidentiality at all times. We honour diversity by embracing secure and reciprocal relationships accepting each personality. We aim to reflect the values of the community in all its diversity and acknowledge the original custodians of this land, The Wurundjeri People, their language and all Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people in the community.

Management supports educators to consistently adhere to the Education and Care Services Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment that is welcoming and is safe for children and families.

We consider the environment to be an additional teacher, provoking and supporting both children’s and adults learning to discover respect for the environment, nature, animals, and sustainable practises. We recognise that our community consists of a system of ongoing relationships between individuals, groups, materials and environments over time. We believe that collaboration is an important aspect of participation and seek to encourage a collaborative spirit as an essential disposition among children and adults. We welcome community involvement recognising it as an involving resource benefitting the children, families and communities.